Category: Azure

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

    Since the beginning of this year, I have been shifting the focus towards AI and ML, and their applications in business and real world. One step towards achieving the technical capability check was this certification. Happy to announce that I completed the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification. Looking forward for the next ones.

  • Azure Media Services – Media Indexer

    One of the powerful offerings Microsoft Azure has is the “Azure Media Services”. Azure Media Services¬†spans lots of capabilities, and I am sure the very first thing you think about is video publishing and streaming, but it is way more than just that.¬†Encoding, live and on-demand streaming, content protection, analytics and even client players. In…

  • Into the Cloud

    Into the Cloud

    Microsoft Azure is a Huge place to explore. So I will try to learn all about it by blogging. This is very first post in the series will just be a shallow view on some of the services/products on Azure that is of interest for me. In the old days of the cloud -which is…