jBlogMvc : part 2 Editing, Deleting, Paging Posts and Rss feeds

NOTE: In this series I build a blogengine using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery from scratch in order to learn more about these new technologies. If you haven’t read the first post in this series, I would encourage you do to that first, or check out the jBlogMvc category. You can also always subscribe to the feeds.

What about new features this part will cover :

  1. Configuration is saved in the database.
  2. Managing Posts (Editing, Deleting).
  3. Posts are now paged.
  4. Some jquery magic is used.

So, lets have a tour in the project one more time. [more]


Database has now a new table to read and write the blog settings.

The project design has changed I applied the Repository Pattern (as recommended in some feedback) , so know I have an extra layer I don’t plan on supporting other data stores but its a good practice (anyway this series is to learn).


Pagination is added it has been discussed many times I will not repeat the code I got over here, for more about paging in ASP.NET MVC check the following excellent posts


IBlogRepository and its implementation were added to this folder, the IBlogRepository is as listed here



Still having the main two controllers (Home and Admin)  but many changes have came through, due to changing the structure and using repository.

Home Controller now sends a PagedList rather an ordinary List to the View, and I added a feed action which returns rss feeds of the blog as shown below

Admin Controller has a lot of additions as shown in the code listing.


A lot of views were added in this part 2 other nested master pages have been added Admin_Manage and Admin_Settings for managing blog content and settings respectively some content views were added too.

  1. ManagePosts : Grid for all posts.
  2. EditPost : editing a post.
  3. DeletePost : confirm deleting a post.
  4. GeneralSettings : Blog Name, Blog description.
  5. ReadingSettings : Posts per page, syndication count.

I will not copy and paste code here, please take a look at the attached project.


This part didn’t miss some of the jQuery magic as well, I found another interesting plugin called jEditable which allows ajax inline editing, its pretty cool and small, all you need to start using it, is an Action that accepts POST verbs and returns some value.

I used it here with the (Settings) panel to read and write blog settings, the following code snippet is from the GeneralSettings.aspx view page defined in the document ready event.



Its clear that this code snippet assigns the textbox with id blogname to an action called UpdateSettings found in the Admin controller, shown in the next code snippet


inline editing

So, in the action I accept two parameters sent id and value, sent by default by the jEditable plugin which can be configured to change the variable names, the action is expecting that there is a blogsetting  in the Settings table having a key macthing the id parameter for example (blogname), which I also expect having a matching Property name in the Config class (built using the singleton pattern).

I am pretty sure that this is not the best practice for this case, thats why I am in need for constructive feedback.


And that’s all for this part, I have more and more features coming while writing this engine I have learned much till now, hope someone is learning with me too.

In this part, I used some features of the ASP.NET MVC to complete the administration area I started last, jQuery too was used to make inline editing (jEditable plugin) so what do you think? you are most welcomed to leave comments.

Download version one : jBlogMvc_version_2.zip

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7 thoughts on “jBlogMvc : part 2 Editing, Deleting, Paging Posts and Rss feeds”

  1. Man this really is going to be a cool app when its finished…!! As soon as MVC is released fully, I’m going to be all over this tutorial. thanks again for posting it up

  2. This is going to be the best way for me to learn ASP.NET MVC, I can’t thank you enough….please keep up this AMAZING work, you ROCK!

  3. Great post. This is very similar to http://blogsvc.net which we recently moved over to MVC. It also using jQuery and open standards such as AtomPub. Supports both Atom and RSS feeds as well as comment feeds. However, we are missing the editing/deleting of posts. However, all of this can be done using AtomPub through Windows Live Writer.

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