Yet another BlogEngine.NET feature that I love

A while ago, Al Nyveldt wrote a post on 5 things he loves about BlogEngine.Net  and I totally agree with him on all the 5 and more coming in the future releases,  Mads Kristensen too wrote and made a video on a the widget framework on a nice feature coming up in the next version of

BlogEngine.Net is built to take advantage of standards, one standard I loved that is implemented in BlogEngine is the OpenSearch 

The cool thing about this standard is that modern browsers are able to detect it and have the option to add the search through the blog.

Internet explorer 7  firefox 2

The opensearch standard is an xml document written in a special format you can see mine here.

And when I search through the browser I am sent to this :


So to implement opensearch in your site, (should have something to search in) you need to do these 2 steps.

  1. Build an opensearch format xml file.
  2. Attach the file from your homepage using the appropriate tag in the head section, like the following.
<link title="Amr Elsehemy's Weblog" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" 
href="http://www.amrelsehemy/opensearch.axd" rel="search"/>

Thats All.







5 responses to “Yet another BlogEngine.NET feature that I love”

  1. Paul Kohler Avatar
    Paul Kohler

    Thats so simple – I love it!
    Thanks for the tip, PK 🙂

  2. Codes Web Avatar
    Codes Web

    thanks you

  3. Andre Tagesgeld Avatar
    Andre Tagesgeld

    BlogEngine.NET rocks – it´s just an awesome project, that implemented lots of great ideas

  4. Alquma Avatar

    Buen tip gracias,

  5. jajatibadu Avatar

    Thsnks. It seems kool

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