Moving to Sharepoint and Workflow

My blog has been quiet for a long time now, I had a crowded month I didn't get the time to write anything but I am back to writing I hope so.

Last month I had some working tasks on new technologies (for me) , a new course to study for and of course all my PreMasters studies in my university.

So, I think my focus next blog post will be on the new stuff I learned about Sharepoint 2007 and workflow foundation hope I can write something useful.

By the way I have just passed the 70-631 Exam TS: Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. So I have a new MCTS in my transcript.






4 responses to “Moving to Sharepoint and Workflow”

  1. Muhammad Mosa Avatar
    Muhammad Mosa

    Congrats Sehemy. Good luck on the rest.

  2. Lars Server Mieten Avatar
    Lars Server Mieten

    Hi Amr,

    Congratulations on the exam passed and on this great website. I think that the Blog Engine is just an incredible project with a lot of potential. You should seriously think about investing less time in your studies and developing this full-time.

    Keep it up! Lars

  3. Dave Avatar

    I look forward to your posts on WF. That’s something that I haven’t spent enough time studying yet.

  4. Satyen Avatar

    I need some material for 70-631 Exam TS: Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Pls send me on

    Thanks in advance

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