Moving to Sharepoint and Workflow

My blog has been quiet for a long time now, I had a crowded month I didn't get the time to write anything but I am back to writing I hope so.

Last month I had some working tasks on new technologies (for me) , a new course to study for and of course all my PreMasters studies in my university.

So, I think my focus next blog post will be on the new stuff I learned about Sharepoint 2007 and workflow foundation hope I can write something useful.

By the way I have just passed the 70-631 Exam TS: Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. So I have a new MCTS in my transcript.

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Hi Amr,

Congratulations on the exam passed and on this great website. I think that the Blog Engine is just an incredible project with a lot of potential. You should seriously think about investing less time in your studies and developing this full-time.

Keep it up! Lars

I look forward to your posts on WF. That’s something that I haven’t spent enough time studying yet.

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