Beginning Sharepoint 2007 Development

I mentioned a long while ago that I will work on some sharepoint and workflow foundation in order to enlarge my development knowledge base, I learned some stuff on the way may be all sharepoint and workflows beginners already know them but I love to share them for others.

I will start another series for sharepoint development (for beginners as myself) so If anyone out there finds out a better approach for anything I write or correction welcome for commenting on the posts so all can benefit too.

This series will start with introductory posts that are needed to understand the architecture and object model of sharepoint, these introduction points are all over the web and blogs of sharepoint pros, I will write them again in my wa, then proceed with some basic development then advanced, I don't have an outline for the posts I am gonna write I have some ideas any reader is welcome to add in comments any topic related to sharepoint development wants me to write about, hoping this series be useful like my older one Design Time Support of Custom Controls, so wish me luck.








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  1. Muhammad Mosa Avatar
    Muhammad Mosa

    All the best my friend!
    Amr, I was really happy to work with you for the last year and a half. My typical best mate at work. Good luck buddy 🙂

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