Upgraded to BlogEngine 1.4.5

Finally working with fully featured BlogEngine on godaddy the BlogEngine v 1.4.5 has been released and I had the time to update my blog, and finally works as a charm with godaddy shared hosting.

Some features that didn't work with the 1.4 version was the whole new widget system, Profiles and anything that used the BinaryFormatter at the end, which needed a high or full trust while godaddy shared hosting only allows meduim trust.

In version 1.4.5 Mads and the team removed all the BinaryFormatters references and used normal xml serializers save the widget and extension settings.

For all blogengine users using shared hosting, go ahead v 1.4.5 works out of the box, and also check the new features released in the latest version.







2 responses to “Upgraded to BlogEngine 1.4.5”

  1. Muhammad Mosa Avatar

    I have to say, the most thing I loved in this post is the image where godaddy shaking hands with BlogEngine.Net 😀

  2. Amr Avatar

    LOOOL 😀
    Finally working together with no more tweaks or workarounds

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