Learning Silverlight : The plan and Introduction

In my previous post, I mentioned my interests and things I want to talk about in 2010, the first thing I mentioned is Silverlight, my knowledge about Silverlight now on a scale from 0 to 10 is just 0.5, actually I know nothing except that it I want to know everything, so here by I show all the topics I want to learn; not in any order.

Silverlight learning mindmap

So other than the titles, a small introduction on Silverlight needs to be done then next parts will start the actually good things,

Silverlight Introduction

I thought the best way to introduce what is Silverlight is to ask the usual WH questions and here are they;


Silverlight is a cross-browser (works on any browser Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera and recently Chrome), cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) plugin for building and delivering the rich interactive applications for the web. It only needs a plugin to be installed.


Silverlight 1.0 was first released in 2007, in November 2008 the second release of Silverlight 2, 6 months later Silverlight 3 was out there, and now here we are with Silverlight 4 beta


If you are running Windows install the runtime from here.

If you are on a Mac download and install from here.



To start building silverlight applications you can install the developer tools for Silverlight. If you don't have Visual Web Developer, download both using Web Platform Installer. This will install the SDK, developer runtimes, and Visual Studio project templates. If you already have Visual Studio, download the tools directly (the Silverlight 3 SDK is also available as a standalone download). For additional information, read the Overview and the Silverlight 3 Release Notes

For Silverlight 4 download the tools from here 


Until now I have not finalized the plan so I would love to hear whats your opinion. Is something missing? Is something not needed?







3 responses to “Learning Silverlight : The plan and Introduction”

  1. 5olio Avatar

    طيب هيبقى محتاج أن الواحد يكون عارف ايه علشان يقدر يتعلمها ؟؟

    ومين الشركة اللى منتجاها ؟؟

  2. amr Avatar

    Silverlight is a development platform for creating interactive user experiences for Web and is developed by Microsoft.

    About learning silverlight has alot of aspects as I drawn in the mind map (in my view), I will try to explore all of the features and learn them together.

    Other than that http://silverlight.net/ is the official home of the silverlight and there you can find videos and tutorials and Microsoft bloggers too.

  3. Anthony Avatar

    As an ASPNET Web Developer I would like to get your opinion on where Silverlight "fits in" for someone like me?

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