Creating SharePoint Online Site Collection using PowerShell

Recently, I have been very busy building a new product and been playing a lot with the new (and old) Office 365 APIs and everything around it. The product is cloud based and in a multi-tenant distribution model. I will be blogging more often about the experience and challenges I faced.

Being a multi-tenant product that will be deployed many times, Automating it was the first thing to cross my mind.

I am using PowerShell scripts to create a site collection which will act as the data source for my app.

# 1- get the credentials 
# 2- Connect to the adminstration service
# 3- Create the site collection using the New-SPOSite commandlet

$adminAccount = ''

$credentials = Get-Credential -UserName $adminAccount -Message "Enter SharePointOnline credentials"

Connect-SPOService  -Url '' 
                    -Credential $credentials

echo 'Connected to Admin Service....'

New-SPOSite -Url '' 
            -Title 'Collaboration' 
            -Template 'STS#0' 
            -StorageQuota 1000 
            -ResourceQuota 100 

echo 'Created SiteCollection'

The code is very straight forward three steps:

  1. Get the credentials
  2. Connect to the admin service
  3. Create the new site






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