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Blog updated!

Welcome back to my blog, I am in the process of migrating all my older posts so please be tuned.


if  you can’t find an older post, try removing .aspx from the url or use the search.

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Happy new year, Happy 2010

First of all, Happy new year to all, hope that 2010 will be more successful that the previous years. It has been almost a year and I haven't wrote anything on my blog, and even more than a year since the last technical blog post, I know it has been a bad year for me; well I have some reasons but mostly just because I got lazy, but I was wanting to get back to the community as I gained a lot from it, I think its time to payback a very small portion of what I have learned from them.

So, I think no time is better than the very first day of the year for this turnover and getting back, after more than a year away from blogging, new technologies have came out, and my interests changed too.

Whats new for Amr Elsehemy in 2010 :

As a starter, I need a new blog theme; I won't let this take my time but I will be working on one these days.

What you will see regularly in my blog (hopefully Smile ) in general is anything technology related, but specifically one of the following topics:


I was an early adopter of this great new technology I even remember when me and moses where reading the very poor (that time) SDK; oh yes and it was called WPFe for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, it didn't even have a Z-index property in Elements. But now all my knowledge about Silverlight that its API's are written in managed  code, rather than Javascript, and also the latest version out there is the Silverlight 4 beta which was announced at the PDC.

I have been looking around silverlight for a very small time now, and I collected some topics or just outlines for me to work on, or you can call this as a learning plan; I will also blog what I have learned along the way with many resources and links which I used and helped me along the way. 


I also was an early fan of the great new framework when it came out in its 5 RC's!! 🙂 then betas, I also started a series which unfortunately I haven't finished, I was building a very simple but complete blog engine, it was for learning purposes and not meant to be used professionally. So, my 2010's years resolution is to learn more and more about this framework also finish or rather restart the jBlogMvc series but this time with the new versions of (ASP.NET MVC, jQuery).

As I mentioned I will re-write my small blog engine to get the most of it. 

Mac world

mmm, 2009 I first got my iPhone 3G in February and soon in August I had my MacBookPro, and so fast I am being a fan of ObjectiveC and XCode, and wanting to build iphone apps and Mac Os applications as well, I expect that I blog from time to time the latest things I have known in this great world. 

Information Retrieval

I mentioned many times my Masters studies, I talked about the courses and so, but now I am in a new phase; the thesis phase, so I will also frequently write about topics in my research.


Finally, my next post will most probably be my silverlight learning plan, and the first lesson I learned, so wish me luck. 

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Happy Birthday MyBlog

Hello all, I know this blog has been idle for a long time, the reason is not I am becoming lazy or I don’t have any more new ideas and topics to write about it just so happens I was quite *very* busy and unstable in my work the past few months.

But anyway I am still busy, but I think more stable and its time to manage my time more accurately to come back to the blogo-sphere again.

One year ago, 3rd of January 2008 I decided to buy the domain to be my blog, before that I wasn’t an active community member, after this year has gone I might have not participated much towards the community but at least I gained some valuable knowledge from it.

In 2008,

My top posts, I started my blog with a tutorial series to help custom controls developers to give their controls a rich design time support through 15 parts,  I will list them here.

Also, my jBlogMvc small series had some audience and gained a lot of traffic, here are the posts.

2008 also witnessed some big change in my MCP transcript, after working with .net and Microsoft techs for a few years this summer I decided to get some certificates [MCPD : Enterprise and Web Developer] plus 4 other MCTS SharePoint certificates.

( , Transcript ID (758580) and the Access Code (sehemyxx))

Other than studying and self improvement, I finished my post graduate studies and starting my masters point, I am researching around something related to the knowledge extraction from the web which will be very  related to web semantics and web ontology.

Career wise, I worked for SCS for three quarters then left to ITWorx . In parallel I also became a teaching assistant at my faculty (Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences – Ain Shams University), I thought till now 2 courses one on Digital Image Processing and the other on Basic Data Structures using C++, I also learned alot during this semester and built some basic data structures which I will find some time to share what I learned also built an image processing package a mini photo shop which also I will share one day.

About 2009,

The first thing on my mind is to get a new theme, to stand up with the new me.

For the time being, I think whenever I start blogging again it would be something near ASP.NET MVC or jQuery which both are considered the new kids on the block of the .NET web world.

I also have an application in my mind, I wish I have the time to do it and share my experience.

Happy new year all, and happy birthday my blog.

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Have been tagged

This blog has been idle for some while, I was very busy, out of mood, studying for my masters and reading new technologies (for me like workflow and sharepoint development and some WCF). I didn't know what time my blogging mood will be back, until my friend Moses insisted to get me back and tagged me in the how I got started in software development, that started a while ago by Michel Eaton. So here we go.

How old were you when you started programming?

10 years old (12 years ago).

How did you get started in programming?

My father used to make simple programs using C that showed dots and stuff I dont get till now Smile, he used to let me write for him some code. Few years more my sister joined computer science and had assignments to program C++ application thats when I really got involved and started to read.(16 years old)

What was your first language?

By that time it was C. 

What was the first real program you wrote? 

My very first own program I wrote was the famous star pyramid using C++, My first windows application and favourite is the MineSweeper, which is my helloworld application that I used for many languages, I used to have the following minesweeper versions (WinForms, WPF, Assembly, Silverlight, OpenGL, DirectX, javascript).

What languages have you used since you started programming?

C, C++, VisualBasic.Net, C#, Java, Assembly, Prolog, Javascript, HTML/XHTML, XAML and lot of other technologies related to development not considered programming language.

What was your first professional programming gig?

Was 4 years ago, I used C# for building winforms applications connecting to databases in my summer training that time.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have started programming? 

OfCourse. I code with passion, love blogging and exploring new technologies around the block. I could have never imagined myself anything other than what am I in now.

What is the one thing you would tell new developers?

Code for fun not for money. Have a life. Don't forget to lie to girls &  Buy your RayBan as Mads said I already got mineCool thank you Mads.

What's the most fun you've ever had … programming?

Building my very first Minesweeper and talking about it to my very best friend that time.

Now what ..?

First, I'd like to thank my friend Moses for not only tagging me but for making me get back to the blogging mood, I hope to continue blogging regularly like old days.

Second, I'd like to pass this to my favourite bloggers, most of them already have been tagged, I recommend you reading them too, Dave, Matt, Mads, Moses, Joe and Keyvan. And now I tag Bashmohandes to write his story.

Anyone reading this and wants to write about his story just head straight to Michel's post and write him a comment.

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New domain, New blog

I finally managed to buy myself a new domain, setup a new blog.

Some of you may already know me, but a brief introduction is in order for this initial post. I am a software developer on the Maisonette team at Sunshine Computer Systems, I worked with many Microsoft products in Maisonette and others including Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Team System, Sql Server 2005 and Team Foundation Server. Working with ASP.NET 2.0, Custom Controls, log4net, WiX, windows services, GDI+ and others more.

So you might expect to see in the future posts about those.

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