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Happy Birthday MyBlog

Hello all, I know this blog has been idle for a long time, the reason is not I am becoming lazy or I don’t have any more new ideas and topics to write about it just so happens I was quite *very* busy and unstable in my work the past few months.

But anyway I am still busy, but I think more stable and its time to manage my time more accurately to come back to the blogo-sphere again.

One year ago, 3rd of January 2008 I decided to buy the domain to be my blog, before that I wasn’t an active community member, after this year has gone I might have not participated much towards the community but at least I gained some valuable knowledge from it.

In 2008,

My top posts, I started my blog with a tutorial series to help custom controls developers to give their controls a rich design time support through 15 parts,  I will list them here.

Also, my jBlogMvc small series had some audience and gained a lot of traffic, here are the posts.

2008 also witnessed some big change in my MCP transcript, after working with .net and Microsoft techs for a few years this summer I decided to get some certificates [MCPD : Enterprise and Web Developer] plus 4 other MCTS SharePoint certificates.

( , Transcript ID (758580) and the Access Code (sehemyxx))

Other than studying and self improvement, I finished my post graduate studies and starting my masters point, I am researching around something related to the knowledge extraction from the web which will be very  related to web semantics and web ontology.

Career wise, I worked for SCS for three quarters then left to ITWorx . In parallel I also became a teaching assistant at my faculty (Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences – Ain Shams University), I thought till now 2 courses one on Digital Image Processing and the other on Basic Data Structures using C++, I also learned alot during this semester and built some basic data structures which I will find some time to share what I learned also built an image processing package a mini photo shop which also I will share one day.

About 2009,

The first thing on my mind is to get a new theme, to stand up with the new me.

For the time being, I think whenever I start blogging again it would be something near ASP.NET MVC or jQuery which both are considered the new kids on the block of the .NET web world.

I also have an application in my mind, I wish I have the time to do it and share my experience.

Happy new year all, and happy birthday my blog.

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I’m happy for returning back,

please keep on jBlog series.

Thanks for all your time and good work.


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